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Construction Daily Logs / Construction Field Reports Mobile Software

Use mobile application and digital forms for filling out construction daily logs / field reports on the job site. Submit completed daily logs / field reports to the cloud in real time, give all authorized employees live access to the construction jobs progress.
Construction daily logs is an important part of the construction projects documentation. Daily logs cover major aspects of the construction projects: job progress, equipment delivered and used on the job sites, materials and inventory delivery and usage, employees and contractors, as well as reports on equipment damages, accidents or delays. Daily logs and field reports help construction companies keep track of everything that is going on the multiple job sites, quickly identify and correct the problems.
QR Mobile Data software allows construction site employees to fill out and submit daily logs efficiently and accurately, without using any physical paperwork. Field employees use a smartphone and digital mobile forms to fill out and submit daily logs. Submitted daily logs are sent to a centralized cloud location, so office emplyees have a real time view of all construction projects.

Custom Digital Forms For The Daily Logs / Field Reports

Construction daily logs and field reports requirements may vary in different construction companies, or even between construction projects. QR Mobile Data mobile software allows you to create custom digital forms for the daily logs / field reports via an easy to use web interface. There are multiple options that make construction forms and checklists easy and fast to complete in the field, on a small smartphone screen using mobile application:

  • Divide daily logs into the logical sections / subforms, such as equipment, materials, employees, general job site conditions, problems, etc. Job site employees can easily navigate between the daily log sections, and see at a glance which sections are completed.
  • Include clarifying text and / or images in the daily logs forms, so that job site employees know exactly what to do.
  • Use a smartphone for QR code / barcode scanning, minimize the time required to complete daily logs and reduce errors. Scan in data in the daily log fields whenever possible - for example serial numbers of the equipment used on the job.
  • Use smartphone camera to capture photos for visual documentation, and attach photos to the daily logs / field reports.
  • Capture digital signatures for the daily logs on a smartphone.
  • Make daily logs digital forms dynamic. QR Mobile Data software allows you to create dynamic repeatable sections that job site employees can add to the daily logs / field reports forms on demand as needed, and fill them out.
  • Receive automatic alerts for any problems / outliers

Filling Out Daily Logs On The Construction Sites Using Mobile Application And A Smartphone

Filling out daily logs or field reports on the construction site is fast and easy, and does not distract field employees from their main tasks. Job site employees use a smartphone and a mobile application to fill out all required information:

  • Daily log can be filled out over the course of the day, with different section being filled out at different time. All collected information is saved in the mobile application, is never misplaced or lost.
  • Daily logs can be filled out by one job site employee, or by several employees with each being responsible for a specific section of the log. Partially filled out construction site daily logs can be passed between the mobile devices, or between the phones and office computers.
  • Daily logs digital forms can be filled out offline if there is no connection on the construction site, and submitted to the cloud when connection becomes available.
  • Digital forms facilitate fast and error-free completion of the construction site daily logs. Daily logs digital forms can be designed to minimize manual input and include selection lists, barcode scanning and taking photos instead of providing long descriptions.
  • Barcode / QR code scanning, in addition to the convenience and fast entry, also serves as verification that the employee has been present at the relevant area of the job site.
  • Job site employee who submits the daily logs can create daily log pdf report in the mobile application and e-mail to the interested parties (clients / external auditors / internally) from a smartphone.

Office / Construction Sites Communication In QR Mobile Data Software

Office employees have a real time access to the daily logs / field reports submitted from multiple construction sites. They can always see a big picture and progress, identify problem areas and act on them quickly, and coordinate the work between multiple construction sites.

Optionally, an administrator can receive an automatic email alert when a daily log or field report from the construction site is submitted. You can configure QR Mobile Data software to send alerts with each daily log submission, or only if an anomaly is detected. You define what to consider an anomaly, or an outlier, for all applicable fields when you create a daily log digital form.

Office employees are not just the passive observers - they can communicate to construction sites and take part in the creation of the daily logs:

  • Office employees can pre-fill a daily log form with the general information before pushing the form to the mobile devices.
  • If a completed daily log needs additional information / corrections, an office employee can push it back to the mobile devices.
  • Office employees can fill out "office only" part after the daily log is submitted.

With QR Mobile Data software, field and office employees receive required information on time and are always "in the loop".

Completed Daily Logs Are Stored In A Secure Cloud

Completed construction site daily logs and field reports are stored in a secure centralized cloud location as digital records. You can access digital records on demand via the web dashboard, review submitted information online or download as an .csv file to your computer.

In addition to the digital records, you can create custom pdf reports, in the mobile application and / or via the web dashboard. You can view, print and / or e-mail pdf reports directly from a smartphone, or from the office computer. Use daily log reports internally, or for the customer(s) and / or external auditors who do not have a direct access to the QR Mobile Data software.

You define PDF reports look, layout and what data should be included via the custom MS Word templates. Include your branding, collected data, images and / or signature. Send pdf documents to your document management system for the further team review / collaboration.

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