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Mobile Forms For Business: How To Create And Use Mobile Forms With QR Mobile Data Software

What are business mobile forms?

Business mobile forms are digital forms that you can fill out on the mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Any paper form that you are using in your business right now can be converted into a mobile form. After this conversion your employees will be able to fill out all forms on their smartphones, and you will have digital records of all collected data.

Mobile forms can be of two types. The first type are HTML5 forms that you load and fill out in a mobile web browser. The second type are forms that are a part of a native mobile application. Native mobile application forms are faster, more responsive, can be filled out without internet or cellular connection, and allow for the local data storage so that collected information is not lost. Native application forms also have more options, such as capturing images, signatures, GPS location, scanning barcodes, etc.

QR Mobile Data uses native mobile applications for android and iOS for filling out mobile forms.

How do I create mobile forms for my business with QR Mobile Data software?

mobile forms

You create mobile forms online using administrative web interface. First create a form header, where you specify general form parameters (name, submission cycle, for what object groups this form is valid, etc.). Once header is created, start adding form fields. Fields are (optionally) grouped into categories for clarity and easier completion. Each category is presented as a sub-form in the mobile application.

mobile form fields

For each field specify data type (text, number, date, image, scan), if the field is required or optional, and control type (manual input, dropdown list, checkboxes, radio button, etc.) Optionally, you can add clarifying text and / or image. It will ensure that employees know exactly what to input in each field. You can also add clarifying image for an entire form if applicable.

If you need to re-arrange order of the fields in the form, you can do so using up / down arrows on the form fields list screen.

Once a form is created, your employees can access it in the QR Mobile Data mobile application, fill it out and submit to a centralized cloud database.

How do I fill out mobile forms? Can I fill out mobile forms without wifi or data connection?

In order to fill out forms in the field or on the shop floor, an employee should log into the QR Mobile Data mobile application (available for Android and iOS). Application can be used with or without internet connection for filling out business forms.

After scanning a business object an employee gets a list of the relevant forms and selects the one (s)he needs to fill out.

forms mobile application          forms mobile application 2

Instead of navigating through a long form on a small smartphone screen, an employee fills out each questions category as a separate sub-form. (S)he can easily navigate between subforms and categories list, and see at a glance which sub-forms are filled out and which ones are not. Filled out sub-forms have a green checkmark next to them.
An employee can fill in data manually, scan in using smartphone camera, select data from a list or checkboxes / radio buttons, as well as take photos for visual documentation.
Collected data are automatically saved on the mobile device, are never misplaced or lost. An employee can stop at any time, and continue filling out a form later from the place where he left off.

Once the form is completed, an employee can optionally collect a signature, create and e-mail pdf document, and submit filled out form to the server. If an employee is in the area that does not have internet or cellular connection, (s)he can submit all completed forms at once when connection becomes available.

How do I attach a mobile form to an object?

In QR Mobile Data, all forms are linked to a business object. What these objects are depends on your business. You can fill out forms for equipment that your company services, forms for the buildings inspections, checklists for the property maintenance tasks, forms for the property assessments, projects in progress, trees in the nursery, or forms for employees time and expenses, just to name a few.

When creating a form, you indicate for which group(s) of objects the form is valid (you will probably have different set of forms for equipment and employees, for example). Before filling out a form on a smartphone, an employee scans an object to identify it, and gets a list of the relevant forms to fill out. The filled out form is automatically linked to a scanned object.

How do I attach a mobile form to a workflow?

If you need to track workflow or process, you probably need to collect and record specific information while you go through the project steps. Attaching mobile forms to the workflow steps ensures that your employees know what data to collect on each step, and fill out correct form(s).

When you create a workflow step, you can select which form(s) (if any) should be filled out on this step. You can also indicate which form(s) are optional and which ones are required. An employee won't be able to move an item to the next workflow step until all required forms are filled out.

After scanning an object, and employee will see its current status, what was done and list of the forms to fill out on this step. (s)he will then be able to click on each form and fill it out. If a form had been filled out already, there will be an indicator next to it, and an employee will be able to review submitted information.

How do I access records submitted via the mobile forms?

Submitted forms are stored in a secure centralized cloud location. As soon as the form is submitted, it is accessible to all authorized employees.

Administrators access submitted records via a web dashboard. They can apply multiple filters to quickly find required information. The filters can include dates, object, form, fields in the form (e.g. select all records that had failed a certain test in a last month), etc.

Field employees can access recent records for any object by scanning this object's label with a smartphone.

Can an administrator pre-fill a form, or edit a submitted form online?

Yes, an administrator can pre-fill forms online before pushing them to the mobile devices for completion. Administrator can also edit submitted forms, or fill out "office only part" after the form is submitted.

If an administrator pre-fills a form for an object, mobile application users will be able to access this partially filled form after scanning object's QR code and clicking "Records To Be Completed" button. They will be able to view (not edit) the part pre-filled by an administrator, complete the rest of the form and submit it to the server. Once the form is completed, it disappears from the "Records To Be Completed" list on the mobile devices.

If, after reviewing a completed form administrator decides that something needs to be re-visited / corrected in the field, (s)he can mark the form as incomplete and push it back to the mobile devices.

Can an employee send a form to someone from a smartphone?

Yes, when the form is completed an employee can collect a signature, and create pdf report on a smartphone. Pdf report can include object information, data collected in a form, images and signature. An employee can view pdf, print it (if air printer is available) and / or email it to the specified e-mail addresses.

Look and layout of auto-generated PDF report is defined by you via a custom template.

We need to create PDF documents for the customers / auditors - can we do this?

Yes, you can generate PDF report for any completed form with one click. The report can be created on a smartphone in the field, or later by an administrator via the web dashboard.

PDF report can contain information on the object, form data, image(s) and collected signature.

You define PDF look and layout via custom templates.

If you had changed a template or form data, you can re-create PDF report at any time.


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