Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Replace Paperwork With The Digital Documents Stored In The Secure Cloud

Eliminate physical paperwork by turning your paper forms into the mobile digital forms. Give all authorized employees real time access to the collected data.

Go paperless with mobile forms and digital documents stored in the cloud. Collect data to document jobs, processes and procedures on site, by filling out mobile forms on the smartphone or tablet. Completed records are sent to a secure centralized cloud location, and are instantly available to all authorized users. Create pdf documents from the collected data on the mobile device, or via the web dashboard when reviewing submitted records. View, print, e-mail documents internally, to the customers or outside auditors.

Document Jobs, Processes And Procedures On Site Using Custom Mobile Forms

Collect data and instantly create required documents on site using mobile devices. Send completed records to the centralized cloud location in real time. Access documentation submitted by other members of the team, on the mobile devices and office computers.

  • Create custom mobile forms for documenting jobs, processes or procedures via an admin web dashboard.
  • Optionally pre-fill part of the form before pushing it to the mobile devices.
  • Make it easy for the employees to collect data: include instructions, scannable fields and checklists, selection lists, checkboxes, hint lists, repeatable sections that can be added to the form dynamically as needed, and more.
  • Employees record all necessary information on site, as the job is performed, by filling out mobile form on a smartphone or tablet.
  • An employee can take photos with a smartphone for visual documentation, and attach to the form fields or sections.
  • If a supervisor or client needs to sign off on the form, an employee can collect a signature on the mobile device.
  • The form can be filled out at once or in steps. All data are saved on the mobile device until the form is completed and submitted to the server.
  • Once a form is submitted, it is accessible by all authorized employees, on the mobile devices and office computers.


Store Digital Records In The Cloud, Access On Demand From Anywhere

Make sure that important documents are always at hand, are not misplaced or lost. Store digital record in the cloud, so that all authorized users could access required documents from anywhere. Use multiple search filters to quickly find what you need.

  • All documentation collected with the mobile devices is sent to a centralized cloud location, where authorized employees can access and review it.
  • Search documents by date, project, job number, location, record type or completed fields in the form to find exactly what you are looking for fast (for example, pull out all records that did not pass a specific quality control test).
  • Access records online, download as .csv file, or create pdf documents with custom layout. E-mail pdf internally, to the customer or external auditors.


Create Custom PDF Documents, Make Them A Part Of Sharepoint Intranet

Instantly create pdf documents with custom layout from the collected records. E-mail to the customers or external auditors. Send documents to the Sharepoint intranet for futher processing / collaboration.

  • Create an MS Word template for each mobile form to define how PDF document for completed form will look like.
  • Include your branding (logo, address, etc.).
  • Include information on the object for which data were collected (an asset, product batch, project, property, infrastructure, etc.). Object information will be inserted dynamically when pdf is created.
  • Include all collected information, image(s) and signature.
  • You are in total control on PDF layout and the data that should be included.
  • Employees filling out mobile form can create PDF on the mobile devices after form is completed. They can view, print and / or e-mail pdf document from the mobile device.
  • An administrator can create / re-create pdf document when reviewing records via the admin web dashboard.
  • Make created pdf documents a part of Sharepoint intranet. Let all relevant employees review, collaborate and further process created documents.


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