Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Checklists And Mobile Forms For Business Tasks Management

Mobile checklists and forms help your employees complete business tasks on time and without errors. Review real time reports on what was done, when and by whom, and receive alerts if a business task had not be completed on time.

Create custom checklists and forms that your employees can use on the mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or android). Let them check off completed tasks, collect additional data, scan QR codes, take photos and collect signatures - all on site using a smartphone or tablet. Completed forms are sent to a centralized cloud location. Administrators can review tasks completion and all details in real time.

Create Custom Mobile Forms And Checklists For Field Data Collection

No matter what business you are in and what type of business tasks you need to track and document, you will be able to create mobile forms / checklists to accommodate your business workflow.

  • Create custom checklists / mobile forms for each business process. Let employees check off completed tasks manually, or scan QR codes for completed tasks.
  • Optionally link mobile forms / checklists to the specific group(s) of assets or properties.
  • Add fields for additional data collection (adding notes, taking photos, etc.).
  • Create repeatable section(s) that an employee can dynamically add to the mobile form on site as needed (e.g. to document found problems, or list used parts).
  • Make sure your employees know exactly what needs to be done. Add clarifying text and image(s) to illustrate the task at hand.
  • Create forms that require minimum manual entries. Include selection lists where applicable, and allow an employee to scan in value instead of entering it manually.
  • Indicate which tasks are required. An employee will receive a warning if he tries to submit a report with the required task(s) not completed.
  • Include any number of image field(s). An employee will be able to use these fields to take photos with a smartphone, and include them in the form for visual documentation.
  • No matter how often you need to change or adjust workflow and processes, you will be able to easily adjust corresponding mobile forms / checklists via a web dashboard.


Use Mobile Devises To Fill Out Checklists / Forms On Site

Make sure that your employees have all necessary tools to do the job right. With QR Mobile data mobile application they can review business tasks to be done and document completion on site in real time.

  • Scan QR code on the asset, property or infrastructure to get a relevant form / checklist for the scanned object on the mobile device.
  • Employees can review the tasks, instructions, and check off each task as it is done.
  • Optionally an employee can scan task related QR code instead of looking for the task on a list - and the task will be checked off automatically.
  • An employee can enter additional information on the tasks, and take photos for visual documentation.
  • Some sections can be added to the checklists / forms dynamically as needed. For example, if problems are found, an employee can add a section for each problem to describe it and take a photo.
  • As an employee fills out a form, data are automatically saved on a smartphone - (s)he can stop and resume at any time, and be sure that collected information is not lost.
  • If a customer or supervisor needs to sign off on the completed task, an employee can capture a signature on the mobile device.
  • When the checklist / form is completed, it is submitted to a centralized cloud location and becomes instantly available to all authorized users.


Keep Digital Documentation On All Business Tasks

Make sure that your business operations documentation is in order, and that you can easily find required information.

  • All collected data on the completed business tasks are stored in a secure, centralized cloud location. Authorized employees can access collected records in real time from any device and location.
  • You can search records by multiple parameters to find exact information you need.
  • Monitor what had been completed, and any found problems in real time.
  • Print and export reports.


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